TYRE 100/90-H19 M6011F 57H TL W/W CLASSIC

TYRE 100/90-H19 M6011F 57H TL W/W CLASSIC


M6011 Classic Tubeless FRONT tyre WHITE side wall

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Available in both Classic and Whitewall options, the Maxxis M6011 is designed for classic and cruiser styled machines. The specially formulated compound and matched front/rear tread pattern provide excellent traction and durability in dry and wet weather. Deep offset tread grooves channel water away from the contact patch. Additional stability is provided by the offset centre rib, which resists tracking over surface rain grooves and steel grated bridges. A classic bike deserves a classic tyre!

EAN: 4717784505220

Barcode: 4717784505220

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  • Honda: CX 650C, VT 600C, VT 600CJ, VT 600CK, VT 600CL, VT 600CM, VT 600CN, VT 600CP, VT 600CR, VT 600CS, VT 600CT, VT 600CV, VT 600CW, VT 600CX, VT 600CY, VT 750C, VT 750C2, VT 750C2B, VT 750S
  • Kawasaki: EN 450A1, EN 450A2, EN 450A3, EN 450A4, EN 450A5, EN 450A6, EN 500A1, EN 500A2, EN 500A3, EN 500A4, EN 500A5, EN 500B1, EN 500B2, EN 500B3, EN 500B4, EN 500B5, EN 500C1, EN 500C10, EN 500c2, EN 500C3, EN 500C4, EN 500C5, EN 500C6, EN 500C6F, EN 500C7, EN 500C7F, EN 500C8, EN 500C8F, EN 500C9, EN 500C9F, VN 750Vulcan, Z 650B1, Z 650B2, Z 650B3, Z 650B4, Z 650C1, Z 650C2, Z 650C3, Z 650C4, Z 650CSR, Z 650F1, Z 650F2, Z 650F3, Z 650F4, Z 650SR, Z 750B1
  • Suzuki: GR 650XD, GR 650XE, GR 650XF, GR 650XG, GR 650XH, GR 650XJ, GR 650XK, VS 750Intruder, VS 800GL, VS 800Intruder
  • Triumph: Adventurer 900, Speedmaster 865
  • Yamaha: XV 1000Virago, XV 1000Virago SE, XV 1100Virago, XV 750Virago, XV-S 650Drag Star/Classic

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M6011F Whitewall


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