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ISON is the perfect alternative for motorcycle filters on the market covering over 95% of all motorcycles on the European Market. ISON filters match and even exceed OEM specifications. With many year of experience in OE automotive and heavy duty machinery, we co-developed a fully new motorcycle filter range. In a comparison test ISON filters scored best in Longivity and Filter efficiency, compared to its main competitors.

Barcode: 5414837133230

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  • Beta: M4 400Motard, RR 250Enduro, RR 400Enduro, RR 450Enduro, RR 450Enduro Racing, RR 525Enduro, RR 525Enduro Racing, RR 525LC
  • Husaberg: FC 450, FC 4504T, FC 5504T, FE 4504T, FE 5014T, FE 5504T, FE 6504T, FS 4504T, FS 6504T, FX 650, FX 6504T
  • Husqvarna: Enduro 701, Enduro 701Terra, FE 701, FS 701, Supermoto 701, Svartpilen 401, Svartpilen 701, Vitpilen 401, Vitpilen 401S, Vitpilen 701
  • KTM: Duke 125, Duke 200, Duke 250, Duke 390, Duke 400LC-4, Duke 640, Duke 690, Duke 690R, Duke II 640, EG-S 400, EG-S 620Adventure, EG-S 620LC-4, EG-SE 400, Enduro 690, Enduro 690R, EX-C 250Enduro, EX-C 400Enduro, EX-C 450Enduro, EX-C 520Racing, EX-C 525Racing, EX-C 640Enduro, EX-C 660Enduro, EX-CF 250, EX-CF 250Enduro, EX-CF 400Enduro, EX-CG 400Racing, EX-CG 525Racing, LC-4 640Adventure, LC-4 640Adventure Enduro, LC-4 640Supermoto, LC-4E 400, LC-4E 640, LC-4E 640Enduro, LC4-E 400, MX-C 200, MX-C 400Racing, MX-C 450, MX-C 520Racing, MX-C 525, MX-C 525RFS, MX-CG 525Racing, Rally 690 Red Bull Replica, Rallye 660, Rallye 660Supermoto, RC 125, RC 200, RC 390, RS 200, SC 400, SC 625LC-4, SM 690LC4, SM 690Supermoto R, SM-C 625, SM-C 660Supermoto, SM-C 690, SM-C 691, SM-R 525, SM-R 560Supermoto, Supermoto 620LC-4, SX 400, SX 520Racing, SX 525, SX 525RFS, SX 620LC-4, SX-C 400, SX-C 625LC-4, SX-F 250, SX-F 450, SX-S 400, SX-SF 250, XC 450Quad, XC 525Desert Racing, XC 525Quad, XC-W 400
  • Polaris: Outlaw 450MXR, Outlaw 450S, Outlaw 525IRS, Outlaw 525S

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