FORK SEAL 50-63-11 TGY ARI.093

FORK SEAL 50-63-11 TGY ARI.093


Fork Seals

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Our fork oil seals have been developed using a high performance rubber which provides resistance to wear, minerals, oils and heat.

Each seal lip is individually machined to give ideal contact between seal and stanchion resulting in an excellent sealing performance.

Our fork seals are made of material specifically defined for reciprocal motion oil seals by JIS B 2402-4 Standard.

This material possesses much higher wear-resistance against reciprocal motion than materials used for oil seals for rotation, such as NBR or polyurethane rubber materials.

Our material may be a little more expensive than that used for other oil seals, but it does not leak.

Our seals are designed and manufactured with strict adherence to OE specifications.

Changing fork seals is a job that only needs to be done once. Use the correct materials the first time and that likelihood is increased


  • Aprilia: ETV1000, MXV450, RXV450, SXV450, SXV550
  • Beta: RR350, RR525
  • Husqvarna: WR250
  • KTM: EG-S300, EX-C300

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