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ARIETE fork oil seals, custom-made for your fork ARIETE fork oil seals are different! The quality of their execution is matched by the unique nature of the material used: the carboxylated elastomer known as XNBR. This compound offers unique characteristics of resistance to abrasion, to high temperatures, and to the complex lubricants with numerous additives, which are used in modern forks as fitted to motorcycles and scooters. The reciprocating action of the fork tube against the seal subjects it to a notable degree of abrasion, which is complicated by the heat generated as a result of hydraulic displacement within the fork, plus the friction of the components involved. This mechanical wear and tear leads to accelerated ageing of the rubber which is also obliged to deal with the chemical action of the various additives in the lubricant. Oil seals are normally made from a nitrile rubber, known as NBR. This is used because it is cheap, and plentiful, not because NBR is the best material for the job. Our technical staff have accumulated 70 years of experience in the rubber industry, and have spent many years looking for a better material for the manufacture of oil seals. In our view, the carboxylated elastomer known as XNBR has the following major advantages when compared with NBR: Although the cost of XNBR is almost twice that of NBR, the sophisticated technology used to make our oil seals enables us to put them on the market at highly competitive price

ARISIL special oil seal lubricant ARI fork oil seals are made from a rubber compound specifically developed to work with the lubricants used in front forks, with all their various additives. This compound is completely different from that normally used for rotating shaft seals, since the physical environment inside a fork with its reciprocating movement, and the specialist lubricants, are completely different. We have designed ARI oil seals with a variety of lip profiles to make them longer lasting, while reducing to a minimum the friction effect against the moving shaft. Over the years, we have discovered the key role of a separating lubricant between the fork tube and the rubber of the oil seal to reduce to a minimum the surface friction, without affecting the function of the oil seal. After exhaustive testing, we have chosen a lubricant which is produced in the USA, and devised specifically as a rubber/metal lubricant for mechanical components used in the NASA space program. The advantage of this special grease, which we call ARISIL, is that it extends the life of the oil seal, and helps it retain its vital characteristics of flexibility and chemical resistance. For this reason, every set of ARI FORK OIL SEALS contains a single dose sachet of ARISIL, sufficient to lubricate the two oil seals supplied.

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  • Harley-Davidson: FLSTF 1340Fat Boy, FXDL 1450Dyna Low Rider, FXDS 1450Dyna Super Glide, FXDX 1450Dyna Super Glide, FXR 1340Super Glide, FXR 1450 , FXTSB 1340Bad Boy, XL 1200C Sportster, XL 1200CX, XL 1200L Sportster, XL 1200R Sportster, XL 1200S , XL 1200Sportster, XL 1200Sportster Custom, XL 1200Sportster N, XL 1200Sportster Roadster, XL 1200Sportster Superlow T, XL 1200Sportster V, XL 1200X Sportster, XL 883C, XL 883H, XL 883L, XL 883N, XL 883R, XL 883Sportster, XLH 1200Sportster, XLH 883Sportster
  • Honda: ATC 250R, CB 1100F, CB 1100RC2, CB 1100RD2, CB 900FA, CB 900FB/F2B, CB 900FC/F2C, CB 900FD/F2D, CB 900FZ, CBX 1000B, CBX 1000C, CBX 650ED, CBX 750FD, CBX 750FE, CBX 750FF, CBX 750FG, CBX 750FH, CBX 750FJ, CBX 750FK, GL 1100A, GL 1100B, GL 1100C, GL 1100D, NSR 250R, NSR 250RG, VF 700C, VF 750FC, VF 750FD, VF 750FE, VF 750FF, VF 750FG, VF 750FH, VFR 700F, VT 700CJ, VT 700CK, VT 700CL, VT 700CM, VT 750C, XL 350R
  • Kawasaki: ZR 250Balius II
  • Kymco: Xciting 250, Xciting 250i, Xciting 300 /R, Xciting 500, Xciting 500i
  • Suzuki: RG 125FUN, RG 125FUP, RG 125FUR, RG 125FUS, RG 125FUT, RG 125UCN, VS 600Intruder, VS 750Intruder, VS 800Intruder
  • Yamaha: TDR 12539mm forks, TZR 125R, TZR 125RR, TZR 2502MA/2XW, TZR 2503MA1, TZR 250R 3XV

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