JASO OIL FILTER JF204 – HF204 Racing Type – 17mm Spanner Hex

JASO OIL FILTER JF204 – HF204 Racing Type – 17mm Spanner Hex


JASO OIL FILTER JF204 – HF204 Racing Type – 17mm Spanner Hex

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JASO oil filters are manufactured from the highest quality materials to achieve ultimate filtration and protection for the recommended fitment

All types use multi-layer high performance filter paper to give maximum filtration and maintain optimum pressure and oil flow rates.

  • All canister filters have a steel outer case for robustness and protection from flying debris
  • Racing type filters have a 17mm hex nut fixing (in addition to the normal ridged fittings) to help ensure quick and easy filter changes. They have been especially developed to meet the rigourous demands of racing applications.
  • Race type filters are pre-drilled on this hex fitment to allow safety wiring (required for use on race tracks) to be easily secured. They are also very well suited for road applications
  • Unlike other manufacturers – JASO filters do not charge extra for these benefits
  • Motorex oil is recommended, but all brands can be used

Barcode: 5056343098193

For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

  • Honda: CB 1000R, CB 1000R7/RA7, CB 1000R8/RA8, CB 1000R9/RA9, CB 1000RA/RAA, CB 1000RB/RAB, CB 1000RC/RAC, CB 1000RD/RAD, CB 1000RE/RAE, CB 1000RF/RAF, CB 1000RG/RAG, CB 1100AD, CB 1100AE, CB 1100AF, CB 1100AG, CB 1100EX, CB 1100RS, CB 1300A/SA, CB 1300F3, CB 1300F4, CB 1300X4, CB 500F, CB 500FAD, CB 500FAE, CB 500FAF, CB 500FAG, CB 500FAH, CB 500FAJ, CB 500FAK, CB 500FAL, CB 500V, CB 500X, CB 500X/SX, CB 600F3, CB 600F4, CB 600F5, CB 600F6, CB 600F7, CB 600F8, CB 600F9, CB 600FA, CB 600FB, CB 600FC, CB 600FD, CB 600FE, CB 650FAE, CB 650FAF, CB 650FAG, CB 650FAH, CB 650FAJ, CB 650R, CB 900F2, CB 900F3, CB 900F4, CB 900F5, CB 900F6, CB 900F7, CBF 1000A6, CBF 1000A7, CBF 1000A8, CBF 1000A9, CBF 1000F6, CBF 1000F7, CBF 1000F8, CBF 1000F9, CBF 1000FAA, CBF 1000FAB, CBF 1000FAC, CBF 1000FAD, CBF 1000FAE, CBF 1000FAF, CBF 1000FAG, CBF 600N, CBF 600N/NA 4, CBF 600N/NA 5, CBF 600N/NA 6, CBF 600N/NA 7, CBF 600N/NA 8, CBF 600N/NA 9, CBF 600S, CBF 600SA, CBF 600SA4, CBF 600SA5, CBF 600SA6, CBF 600SA7, CBF 600SA8, CBF 600SA9, CBR 1000RAD, CBR 1000RAE, CBR 1000RAF, CBR 1000RAG, CBR 1000RAH, CBR 1000RR, CBR 1000RR4, CBR 1000RR5, CBR 1000RR6, CBR 1000RR7, CBR 1000RR8, CBR 1000RR9/RA9, CBR 1000RRA/RAA, CBR 1000RRB/RAB, CBR 1000RRC/RAC, CBR 500R, CBR 600F, CBR 600F1, CBR 600F2, CBR 600F3, CBR 600F4, CBR 600F5, CBR 600F6, CBR 600F7, CBR 600FS1, CBR 600FS2, CBR 600RR, CBR 600RR3, CBR 600RR4, CBR 600RR5, CBR 600RR6, CBR 600RR7, CBR 600RR8, CBR 600RR9, CBR 600RRA, CBR 600RRB, CBR 600RRD, CBR 600RRF, CBR 600RRG, CBR 600RRH, CBR 600RRJ, CBR 600RRK, CBR 600RRL, CBR 600RRM, CBR 650FAE, CBR 650FAF, CBR 650FAG, CBR 650FAH, CBR 650FAJ, CBR 650FAK, CBR 650FAL, CBR 650FAM, CBR 929RR1 (929cc), CBR 929RRY (929cc), CBR 954RR2 (954cc), CBR 954RR3 (954cc), CBR 954RR4 (954cc), CMX 500A, CRF 1000AG, CRF 1000DG, CRF 1000L, CTX 1300A, CTX 700D, CTX 700DCT, CTX 700N, DN-01 700NSA 700, FJS 400ABS, FJS 400D6, FJS 400D7, FJS 400D8, FJS 400D9, FJS 400Silver Wing, FJS 400SW-T, FJS 600D, FJS 600D1, FJS 600D10, FJS 600D2, FJS 600D3, FJS 600D4, FJS 600D5, FJS 600D6, FJS 600D7, FJS 600D8, FJS 600D9, FSC 600A1, FSC 600A10, FSC 600A2, FSC 600A3, FSC 600A4, FSC 600A5, FSC 600A6, FSC 600A7, FSC 600A8, FSC 600A9, GL 1800A1, GL 1800A2, GL 1800A3, GL 1800A4, GL 1800A5, GL 1800A6, GL 1800A7, GL 1800A8, GL 1800A9, GL 1800AA, GL 1800AB, GL 1800AC, GL 1800AD, GL 1800AE, GL 1800AF, GL 1800AG, GL 1800AH, GL 1800AJ, GL 1800AK, GL 1800F6B, NC 700D, NC 700S, NC 700S D, NC 700SA, NC 700X, NC 700XD, NC 750D, NC 750J, NC 750S, NC 750SD DCT, NC 750X, NC 750X ADV, NC 750X/XA, NC 750XD, NSS 300Forza, NT 700V6, NT 700V7, NT 700V8, NT 700V9, NT 700VA, NT 700VB, NT 700VC, NT 700VD, NT 700VE, NT 700VF, NT 700VG, SH 300i, ST 1300A2, ST 1300A3, ST 1300A4, ST 1300A5, ST 1300A6, ST 1300A7, ST 1300A8, ST 1300A9, ST 1300AA, ST 1300AB, ST 1300AC, ST 1300AD, ST 1300AE, ST 1300AF, ST 1300AG, ST 1300AH, VFR 1200F, VFR 1200X, VFR 800A, VFR 800A2, VFR 800A3, VFR 800A4, VFR 800A5, VFR 800A6, VFR 800A7, VFR 800A8, VFR 800A9, VFR 800F, VFR 800FE, VFR 800FF, VFR 800FG, VFR 800FH, VFR 800X, VT 1300CX, VT 750C, VT 750C2, VT 750C2B, VT 750CD, VT 750DC, VT 750S, VTR 1000F2, VTR 1000F3, VTR 1000F4, VTR 1000F5, VTR 1000F6, VTR 1000SP2, VTX 1300S3, VTX 1300S4, VTX 1300S5, VTX 1300S6, VTX 1300S7, VTX 1300S8, VTX 1800C2, VTX 1800C3, VTX 1800C4, VTX 1800C5, VTX 1800C6, VTX 1800C7, VTX 1800C8, XL 700V7, XL 700V8, XL 700V9, XL 700VA, XL 700VB, XL 700VC, XL 700VD, XL-V 1000V3, XL-V 1000V4, XL-V 1000V5, XL-V 1000V6, XL-V 1000V7, XL-V 1000V8, XL-V 1000V9, XL-V 1000VA, XL-V 1000VB, XL-V 1000VC, XL-V 1000VD
  • Kawasaki: EN 500C10, EN 500C6F, EN 500C7F, EN 500C9, GPZ 500S, KFX 700V-Force, KLE 500A13, KLE 500A14, KLE 500B1, KLE 500B2, KLE 500B3, KRF 750Teryx, KRF 800Teryx, KRT 800Teryx 4, KSV 700V-Force, KVF 3604×4, KVF 360A1, KVF 360A2, KVF 360A3, KVF 360AAF, KVF 360ABF, KVF 360ACF, KVF 360B1, KVF 360B2, KVF 360B3, KVF 360B4, KVF 650Brute Force, KVF 650Prairie, KVF 700V-Force, VN 1500E2, VN 1500G1, VN 1500G2, VN 1500J1, VN 1500J2, VN 1500J3, VN 1500L1, VN 1500L2, VN 1500L4, VN 1500N1, VN 1500N2, VN 1500N3, VN 1500N4, VN 1500N5, VN 1500P1, VN 1500P2, VN 1500P3, VN 1500R1, VN 1500R2, VN 1500R3, VN 1500R4, VN 1500R5, VN 1600A1, VN 1600A2, VN 1600A3, VN 1600A6F, VN 1600B1, VN 1600B7F, VN 1600B8F, VN 1600D1H, VN 1600D6F, VN 2000A1, VN 2000A2, VN 750Vulcan, VN 800A, VN 800B1, VN 800B10, VN 800B11, VN 800B12, VN 800B2, VN 800B3, VN 800B4, VN 800B5, VN 800B6, VN 800B7, VN 800B8, VN 800B9, VN 800C1, VN 800C2, VN 800E1, VN 800E2, VN 800E3, VN 800E4, W 650A/C 1, W 650A/C 2, W 650A/C 3, W 650A/C 4, W 650A/C 5, W 650A/C 6, W 650A/C 7, W 650A/C 8, W 650A/C 9, Z 1000A1, Z 1000A2, Z 1000A3, Z 1000A6F, Z 750J1, Z 750J2, Z 750J6F, Z 750L7F, Z 750L8F, Z 750L9F, Z 750LAF, Z 750PBF/MBF, Z 750PCF/NCF, ZR 250Balius, ZR 250Balius II, ZX-10R 1000C1, ZX-10R 1000C2, ZX-10R 1000D6F, ZX-12R 1200A1, ZX-12R 1200A2, ZX-12R 1200B1, ZX-12R 1200B2, ZX-12R 1200B3, ZX-12R 1200B4, ZX-12R 1200B6F, ZX-6R 600RHF, ZX-6R 600RJF, ZX-6R 600RKF, ZX-6R 636EHF, ZX-6R 636EJF, ZX-6R 636G, ZX-6RR 600K1, ZX-6RR 600K2, ZX-6RR 600N, ZX-9R 900E1, ZX-9R 900E2, ZX-9R 900F1, ZX-9R 900F2, ZX-9R 900F3
  • MV: Brutale 1078, F4 1078 / F312
  • Peugeot: Metropolis 400
  • Suzuki: LT-V 700F, VZ 1600Marauder
  • Triumph: America 800, America 865, Bonneville 1200, Bonneville 790, Bonneville 800, Bonneville 800T100, Bonneville 865SE, Bonneville 865Steve McQueen, Bonneville 865T100, Bonneville 900T100, Bonneville Bobber 1200, Daytona 1000, Daytona 600, Daytona 650, Daytona 675, Daytona 675R, Daytona 955955i, Daytona 955T595, Daytona 955T955i, Rocket 3 2300Classic/Roadster, Rocket 3 2300R, Scrambler 865, Speed 4 955, Speed Four 600T801, Speed Triple 1050, Speed Triple 1050R, Speed Triple 1050RS, Speed Triple 1050S, Speed Triple 955955i, Speedmaster 1200, Speedmaster 800, Speedmaster 865, Sprint 1050GT, Sprint 1050SE, Sprint 1050ST, Sprint 955RS, Sprint 955ST, Street Cup 900, Street Scrambler 900, Street Triple 675, Street Triple 675R, Street Triple 765, Thruxton 1200, Thruxton 865, Thruxton 865Ace, Thruxton 900, Thunderbird 1600, Thunderbird 1700Storm, Thunderbird 1700Storm/LT, Tiger 1050, Tiger 1050Explorer, Tiger 1050SE, Tiger 1050Sport, Tiger 1200Explorer, Tiger 800, Tiger 800XC, Tiger 800XR, Tiger 955i, Trophy 1200, Trophy 1200SE, TT 600T805
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