JASO OIL FILTER JF303 – HF303 Racing Type – 17mm Spanner Hex

JASO OIL FILTER JF303 – HF303 Racing Type – 17mm Spanner Hex


JASO OIL FILTER JF303 – HF303 Racing Type – 17mm Spanner Hex

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JASO oil filters are manufactured from the highest quality materials to achieve ultimate filtration and protection for the recommended fitment

All types use multi-layer high performance filter paper to give maximum filtration and maintain optimum pressure and oil flow rates.

  • All canister filters have a steel outer case for robustness and protection from flying debris
  • Racing type filters have a 17mm hex nut fixing (in addition to the normal ridged fittings) to help ensure quick and easy filter changes. They have been especially developed to meet the rigourous demands of racing applications.
  • Race type filters are pre-drilled on this hex fitment to allow safety wiring (required for use on race tracks) to be easily secured. They are also very well suited for road applications
  • Unlike other manufacturers – JASO filters do not charge extra for these benefits
  • Motorex oil is recommended, but all brands can be used

Barcode: 5056343098216

For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

  • Honda: CB 1000FP, CB 1000FR, CB 1000FS, CB 1000FT, CB 1000FV, CB 1000FW, CB 1100SF1, CB 1100SF2, CB 1100SF3, CB 1100SFY, CB 400SF, CB 400SFA, CB 500F, CB 500R, CB 500SY, CB 500SY1, CB 500SY2, CB 500T, CB 500W/SW, CB 600F1, CB 600F2, CB 600FW, CB 600FX, CB 600FY, CB 750F2, CB 750S-C, CB-1 400Steed, CBF 500A4, CBF 500A5, CBF 500A6, CBF 500A7, CBR 1000FH, CBR 1000FJ, CBR 1000FK, CBR 1000FL, CBR 1000FM, CBR 1000FN, CBR 1000FP, CBR 1000FR, CBR 1000FS, CBR 1000FT, CBR 1000FV, CBR 1000FW, CBR 1000FX, CBR 1100XX1, CBR 1100XX2, CBR 1100XX3, CBR 1100XX4, CBR 1100XX5, CBR 1100XX6, CBR 1100XX7, CBR 1100XX8, CBR 1100XXV, CBR 1100XXW, CBR 1100XXY, CBR 500FH, CBR 500FJ, CBR 500FK, CBR 500FL, CBR 500FM, CBR 600FH, CBR 600FJ, CBR 600FK, CBR 600FL, CBR 600FM, CBR 600FN, CBR 600FP, CBR 600FR, CBR 600FS, CBR 600FT, CBR 600FV, CBR 600FW, CBR 600FX, CBR 600FY, CBR 900RRN, CBR 900RRP, CBR 900RRR, CBR 900RRS, CBR 918RRT, CBR 918RRV, CBR 919RRW (919cc), CBR 919RRX (919cc), F6C 1500, GL 1500C1, GL 1500C2, GL 1500C3, GL 1500CY, GL 1500J, GL 1500K, GL 1500L, GL 1500SE, NT 400Bros, NT 650J, NT 650K, NT 650L, NT 650M, NT 650V1, NT 650V2, NT 650V3, NT 650V4, NT 650V5, NT 650VW, NT 650VX, NT 650VY, NTV 600J, NTV 600K, NTV 600L, NTV 600M, NTV 600N, NTV 650J, NTV 650K, NTV 650L, NTV 650M, NTV 650N, NTV 650P, NTV 650R, NTV 650SC, NTV 650T, NTV 650V, NTV 650W, PC 800Pacific Coast, RVF 400RR, RVF 750RR, RVF 750RS, RVF 750RT, RVF 750RV, RVF 750RW, RVF 750RX, ST 1100AN, ST 1100AP, ST 1100AR, ST 1100AS, ST 1100AT, ST 1100AV, ST 1100L, ST 1100M, ST 1100P, ST 1100SC26, ST 1100W, ST 1100X, ST 1100Y, VF 750C, VF 750FC, VF 750FD, VF 750FE, VF 750FF, VF 750FG, VF 750FH, VF 750S, VFR 400R3, VFR 400RH, VFR 400RJ, VFR 400RK, VFR 400RL, VFR 400RM, VFR 400RN, VFR 400RP, VFR 750F, VFR 750FG, VFR 750FH, VFR 750FJ, VFR 750FK, VFR 750FR, VFR 750FS, VFR 750FT, VFR 750FV, VFR 750FW, VFR 750RK, VFR 750RL, VFR 750RM, VFR 750RN, VFR 750RP, VFR 750RR, VFR 800Fi-1, VFR 800Fi-W, VFR 800Fi-X, VFR 800Fi-Y, VLX 600Shadow, VT 1100C1, VT 1100C2, VT 1100C3, VT 1100C4, VT 1100C5, VT 1100CH, VT 1100CK, VT 1100CL, VT 1100CM, VT 1100CN, VT 1100CP, VT 1100CS/C2S, VT 1100CT/C2T, VT 1100CV/C2V, VT 1100CW/C2W, VT 1100CX/C2X, VT 1100CY/C2Y, VT 1100D2, VT 1500ACE Shadow, VT 600C, VT 600CJ, VT 600CK, VT 600CL, VT 600CM, VT 600CN, VT 600CP, VT 600CR, VT 600CS, VT 600CT, VT 600CV, VT 600CW, VT 600CX, VT 600CY, VT 750C, VT 750DC, VTR 1000F1, VTR 1000FV, VTR 1000FW, VTR 1000FX, VTR 1000FY, VTR 1000SP1, VTR 1000SPY, XL 600V, XL 650V1, XL 650V2, XL 650V3, XL 650V4, XL 650V5, XL 650V6, XL 650V7, XL 650VY, XL-V 1000V, XL-V 1000V1, XL-V 1000V2, XR-V 650J, XR-V 650K, XR-V 650L, XR-V 750M, XR-V 750N, XR-V 750P, XR-V 750R, XR-V 750S, XR-V 750T, XR-V 750V, XR-V 750W, XR-V 750X, XR-V 750Y, XR-V 750YA, XR-V 750YB, XR-V 750YC
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