60/22LLU-C3 NTN, Sealed Deep Grooved Ball Bearing

60/22LLU-C3 NTN, Sealed Deep Grooved Ball Bearing


NTN Japanese HQ Bearing

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NTN LLU bearings have several benefits over lower cost bearings

They have rubber coated metal plates on both sides of the bearing and are triple sealed to prevent dirt and water ingress, while retaining the lubricant

When compared to lower cost DDU bearing options that have a rubber seal with only have one sealing point, NTN Japanese LLU bearings give much a much longer lifespan especially in off road use where dirt ingress can be more likely

A trusted leader in OEM bearing products for the biggest names in the industry.

Japanese manufactured HQ roller bearings as fitted OEM

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Shield Type




Shield Code

LLU/DDU plus


12 mm

Outer Dia

44 mm


22 mm


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