Shido Battery LTX7L-BS LiFePO4 Lithium Iron (CASE 8) (GTX7L-BS)

Shido Battery LTX7L-BS LiFePO4 Lithium Iron (CASE 8) (GTX7L-BS)


LiFePO4 Battery – Lightweight, high powered and long life

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Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology

Lead-acid batteries over the course of the years have become smaller and more powerful, but the need to generate electricity has not changed.

With SHIDO lithium-iron batteries this principle has changed completely. Power is generated via LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells based on lithium and carbon, they do not contain lead or acid.

Shido Lithium batteries have 4 LiFePO4 cells of 3.2 volts connected in series in order to reach an OCV of 12.8 volts. A perfect voltage to use as a starter battery for motorcycles.

The electronic Battery Management System ( or BMS) spreads the charge and discharge regularly over the four cells. Less well made Lithium batteries may have no BMS and it is a crucial component.

Thanks to its small internal resistance a Shido Lithium battery can generate a very high starting current with little Ah.

This starting power delivers a powerful and quick start of the motorcycle.

Lithium Iron or LiFePO4 should not be confused with other Li-ion batteries

LiFePO4 have up to double the life cycles and a better regulated voltage of 3.2v per cell compared to a Li-ion nominal 3.6v per cell. The correct voltage assures that sensitive circuits remain unharmed


  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Light weight – Up to 75% lighter than normal lead batteries
  • Super-fast recharge – Up to 75% in 6 minutes
  • Drop-in Replacement and can be mounted at any angle
  • Excellent cycle life of more than 2,000 cycles (around x4 more than traditional Lead-Acid batteries and double that of Li-Ion (LiB) batteries)
  • High cranking power
  • No sulfating
  • No explosion risk
  • No maintenance
  • Much lower rate of self-discharge
  • No pollution, no lead and no acid
  • Built-in LED indicator

Will replace YTX7LBS


  • AJS: JSM125
  • Aprilia: Compay125, Mojito125, Mojito150, RS4125, SR125, SR150
  • Beta: Alp125, Alp200, Alp350, M4350
  • Derbi: Boulevard125, GP1125, GPR50, Mulhacen125, Rambla125, Senda125, Senda50, Terra125
  • Honda: CA125, CA250, CB125, CB250, CB500, CB600, CB650, CBF1000, CBF125, CBF250, CBF600, CBR250, CBR300, CBR650, CBX250, CG150, CMX250, CRF250, FES125, FES150, NES125, NES150, NSC110, NSC50, NX125, PES150, PS/PES125, SCV110, SES125, SES150, SH125, VT125, VT250, VT-R250, XR200
  • Husqvarna: LT610, SM610, TE610
  • Kawasaki: EL250, KL250, KLE250, KLE300, KLX125, KLX250, KLX300, Ninja250, ZR250, ZZR250
  • Keeway: F-Act125, Focus125, Hacker125, Logik125, Logik150, Matrix125, Outlook125, TX125, TX2125
  • Piaggio: Fly150, Liberty150, New Fly50
  • Suzuki: DR200, DR250, DR350, GZ125, GZ250, RGV125, RV125, RV200, TU250, UX125, UX150, UZ125, VL125, VL250
  • Yamaha: XT125, XT225, XT250, XT-Z125, XT-Z250, YBR125, YBR250, YFM700

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113 with spacers


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125 with spacers



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