TYRE 120/70-12 M6029S 58P TL

TYRE 120/70-12 M6029S 58P TL


With its exceptional design, the M6029 offers everything you need in a high performance tubeless scooter tyre

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With its exceptional design, the M6029 offers everything you need in a high performance tubeless scooter tyre. Providing outstanding grip, handling and stability, this tyre is also built to last with a high-quality rubber compound.  The low profile tread design increases the footprint area allowing optimum acceleration, cornering and braking power in wet and dry conditions. The special crossed tread grooves provide excellent water dispersion and enhance the grip and stability of the tyre. The improved wide tread pattern design yields maximum mileage.

Barcode: 4717784512020

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  • Aprilia: Gulliver 50AC, Gulliver 50LC, Leonardo 125, Leonardo 125Marzocchi, Leonardo 125SP, Leonardo 125ST, Leonardo 150, Leonardo 150SP, Leonardo 150ST, Mojito 125
  • Benelli: 491 50GT, 491 50LC, 491 50RR LC, 491 50SP LC, 491 50ST AC, K2 50AC, K2 50LC, Naked 100, Naked 50AC
  • CPI: Aragon 125, Aragon 125GP, Aragon 125S-Line, Aragon 50, Aragon 50GP, Aragon 50Paddock, Aragon 50S-Line, Oliver 125Supermoto, Oliver 50, Oliver 50-45, Oliver 50City, Oliver 50Sport
  • Daelim: NS 125, S2 125, SC 125Besbi, SJ 50A-Four, SL 125History, SN 125B-Bone, SQ 125Freewing
  • Derbi: Atlantis 100, Atlantis 50AC, Atlantis 50Bullet, Atlantis 50City, Atlantis 50LC
  • Honda: MSX 125D, MSX 125E, MSX 125F, MSX 125G, MSX 125H, MSX 125J, MSX 125K, MSX 125L, MSX 125M
  • Hyosung: Boomer 125Exceed/MS1
  • Keeway: ARN 125, F-Act 125, Focus 125, Matrix 125
  • Kymco: Agility 1254T, Agility 125Carry, Agility 125City, Agility 125CityPlus, Agility 125MMC, Agility 125One, Agility 125R16, Agility 125Rear drum model, Agility 50, Agility 504T R16, Agility 50Carry, Agility 50City, Agility 50City +, Agility 50City Plus, Agility 50MMC, Agility 50Naked, Agility 50Naked 12in, Agility 50One, Agility 50Plus, Agility 50RS, BW 150Bet & Win, BW 250Bet & Win, Dink 125, Dink 125Bet&Win, Dink 50, Dink 50Bet & Win, Grand Dink 125, Grand Dink 125G-Dink, Grand Dink 150, Grand Dink 250, Grand Dink 250Euro 2, Spacer 50, Super 8 50, Super 9 50, Super 9 50Sports, Vitality 50, Vitality 50Sports, Yager 50, Yager/Spacer 50, Yup 50, ZX 50Fever, ZX 50Super Fever
  • Malaguti: F12 50Phantom, F12 50Phantom Fast Time, F12 50Phantom Racing Life, F12 50Twin Disc, F15 50Firefox, F15 50Firefox Digit
  • MBK: Booster 50RSP Booster, EW 50Stunt Naked, XN 125Doodo, YN 50Ovetto, YP 125Skyliner, YP 150Skyliner
  • MZ: FB 125Moskito
  • Peugeot: Django 125, Django 150, Django 50, Elyseo 100, Elyseo 125, Elyseo 150, Elyseo 50, Elystar 125, Elystar 150, Elystar 50, Kisbee 50, Ludix 50, Metropolis 400, Speedake 50, Speedfight 1 50, Speedfight 2 100, Speedfight 2 50, TKR 50, Trekker 100, Trekker 50, Vivacity 100, Vivacity 50, Vivacity 504T
  • PGO: G-Max 50, PMX 50, PMX 50Sport, T-Rex 125, T-Rex 50, Tornado 50, Tornado 90
  • Piaggio: Diesis 50, Fly 125, Fly 502T, Fly 504T, MP3 400IE LT Sport, MP3 400IE LT Touring, MP3 400MIC, MP3 400RL Touring, MP3 500, Skipper 125, Skipper 125Leader, Skipper 150LX/LXT, Skipper 150SKR
  • Pulse: Phantom 50
  • Sachs: FY50QT-22 50SX1, LJ50QT-2M 50Speedjet, LJ50QT-F 50Speedjet, LJ50QT-K 50Speedforce, LJ50QT-M 50Speedjet, LJ50QT-M-05 50Speedjet, Speedforce 50, Speedjet 50, Splinter 50, SX 50
  • Suzuki: AY 50V, AY 50WR K1, AY 50WR K2, AY 50WR K3, AY 50WR K4, AY 50WR K5, AY 50WR K6, AY 50WR X, AY 50WR Y, AY 50WW, TR 50SW, TR 50SX, UF 50Y, UX 50WX, UX 50WY
  • SYM: Allo 50, Crox 50, Jet-4 50, Mask 50, Orbit 50, Orbit I 125, Orbit I 50, Orbit II 125, Orbit II 50, Orbit II 504T, Orbit II 50Naked, Orbit II 50TS, Symply 125
  • Yamaha: CW 50BW’S, XN 125Teos, YN 100Neos, YN 100Neos/Ovetto, YN 50Neo’s, YN 50Neo’s 4, YP 125Majesty

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