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Performs brilliantly under the hardest motocross racing conditions

  • Perfect For MX, Enduro and Trials Machines
  • Professional Specification Chain
  • Designed For Extreme Conditions
  • Gold Outer Links
  • CRK hardened layer of carbide on the pin surfaces which resists the high level of wear normally applied when riding in and and mud
  • Non – sealed chain
  • Supplied with a clip type joining link.
  • Barcode: 4935531430254

    For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

    • Beta: GS-RV 500, M4 350Motard, M4 400Motard, REV3 250Trials, RR 125Enduro, RR 125Motard, RR 250Enduro, RR 250Racing, RR 300Enduro, RR 300Racing, RR 350Enduro, RR 350Enduro Factory, RR 350Enduro Racing, RR 390Enduro, RR 390Enduro Racing, RR 400Enduro, RR 400Enduro Factory, RR 400Enduro Racing, RR 430Enduro, RR 430Enduro Racing, RR 450Enduro, RR 450Enduro Cross Country, RR 450Enduro Factory, RR 450Enduro Racing, RR 450Racing, RR 480Enduro, RR 480Enduro Factory, RR 480Enduro Racing, RR 498Enduro, RR 498Enduro Racing, RR 498LC, RR 498Racing, RR 520, RR 520Enduro, RR 520Enduro Factory, RR 520Enduro Racing, RR 525Enduro, RR 525Enduro Racing, RR 525LC, RS 430, Xtrainer 300LC
    • Gas Gas: EC 125, EC 125Racing, EC 200, EC 200Racing, EC 200Sixdays, EC 250, EC 2502T, EC 250Cami 2T, EC 250Racing, EC 250Racing 2T, EC 250Replica, EC 300, EC 3002T, EC 300Racing, EC 300Six Days, EC 400, EC 450F, EC 450FSE, EC 450FSR, EC 450Replica Cervantes, EC 450T, EC 515FSR, Enduro 250, Enduro 300, FSE 500, Halley 450EH, HP 125, HP 200, MC 125, MC 250, MX 125, Pampera 125, Pampera 125Randonne, Pampera 250, Pampera 250Contact, Pampera 250Pro, Pampera 320Contact, SM 400Supermoto, Trial 125, Trial 160, Trial 250, Trial 320, Trial 327, TT 250, TX 125Contact, TX 125Randonne, TX 270, TXE 125Randonne, TXT 125Contact, TXT 125LE, TXT 125Limited Edition, TXT 125Pro, TXT 125Pro Racing, TXT 125Pro Replica, TXT 125Racing, TXT 125Replica Raga, TXT 125Trials, TXT 200Contact, TXT 200Pro, TXT 200Trials, TXT 250Contact, TXT 250LE, TXT 250Limited Edition, TXT 250Pro, TXT 250Pro Racing, TXT 250Racing, TXT 250Replica Raga, TXT 250Trials, TXT 270Trials, TXT 280Contact, TXT 280LE, TXT 280Limited Edition, TXT 280Pro, TXT 280Pro Racing, TXT 280Racing, TXT 280Replica Raga, TXT 280Trials, TXT 300Pro, TXT 300Pro Racing, TXT 300Racing, TXT 300Replica Raga, TXT 300Trials, TXT 320Contact, TXT 320Trials, TXT 325Trials, TXT 80Trials, XC 280Contact, XC 280E-Start, XC 300
    • Honda: CR 125R, CR 250R1, CR 250R2, CR 250R3, CR 250R4, CR 250R5, CR 250R6, CR 250R7, CR 250RJ, CR 250RK, CR 250RL, CR 250RM, CR 250RN, CR 250RP, CR 250RR, CR 250RS, CR 250RT, CR 250RV, CR 250RW, CR 250RX, CR 250RY, CR 500R, CR 500R1, CR 500RJ, CR 500RK, CR 500RL, CR 500RM, CR 500RN, CR 500RP, CR 500RR, CR 500RS, CR 500RT, CR 500RV, CR 500RW, CR 500RX, CRE 450F, CRF 150R3, CRF 150R4, CRF 150R5, CRF 150R6, CRF 150R7, CRF 150R8, CRF 150R9, CRF 150RA, CRF 150RB, CRF 150RC, CRF 150RD, CRF 150RE, CRF 150RF, CRF 150RG, CRF 250LAH, CRF 250LD, CRF 250LE, CRF 250LF, CRF 250LG, CRF 250LJ, CRF 250R4, CRF 250R5, CRF 250R6, CRF 250R7, CRF 250R8, CRF 250R9, CRF 250RA, CRF 250RB, CRF 250RC, CRF 250RK, CRF 450R2, CRF 450R3, CRF 450R4, CRF 450R5, CRF 450R6, CRF 450R7, CRF 450R8, CRF 450R9, CRF 450RA, CRF 450RB, CRF 450RC, CRF 450RD, CRF 450RE, CRF 450RF, CRF 450RG, CRF 450RH, CRF 450RJ, CRF 450RK, CRF 450RXJ, CRF 450XC, CRM 250RK, CRM 250RL, CRM 250RM, CRM 250RN, CRM 250RP, CRM 250RR, CRM 250RS, CRM 250RT, CRM 250RV, CRM 250RW, XR 250R, XR 250RE, XR 250RF, XR 250RL, XR 250RM, XR 250RN, XR 250RP, XR 250RR, XR 250RS, XR 250RT, XR 250RV, XR 250RW, XR 250RX, XR 250RY
    • Husaberg: FC 3504T, FC 4004T, FC 4504T, FC 4704T, FC 5014T, FC 5504T, FC 6004T, FE 2504T, FE 3504T, FE 3904T, FE 4004T, FE 4504T, FE 5014T, FE 5504T, FE 5704T, FE 6004T, FE 6504T, FS 4004T, FS 4504T, FS 5504T, FS 5704T, FS 6504T, FX 4504T, TE 1252T, TE 2502T, TE 3002T
    • Husqvarna: CR 125, CR 250, CR 360, FC 250, FC 350, FC 450, FC 450 / Rockstar, FE 250, FE 350, FE 450, FE 501, FS 450, FX 350, FX 450, SM 450R, TC 125, TC 250, TC 250i, TC 450, TC 510, TE 125, TE 250, TE 250i, TE 300, TE 300i, TE 310, TE 350, TE 400, TE 450, TE 570, TE 610, TE 610 /electric, TX 125, TX 300, TXC 250, TXC 250GNC, TXC 250GNCC, WR 125, WR 250, WR 300, WR 360
    • Kawasaki: KDX 200A, KDX 200A/B, KDX 200C, KDX 250D/E1, KDX 250D/E2, KDX 250D/E3, KDX 250D/E4, KLX 250F, KLX 250F1, KLX 250F2, KLX 250F3, KLX 300R, KLX 450R, KLX 650A1, KLX 650A2, KLX 650A3, KLX 650A4, KLX 650C1, KLX 650C2, KLX 650C3, KLX 650C4, KX 125K1, KX 125K2, KX 125K3, KX 125K4, KX 125K5, KX 125L1, KX 125L2, KX 125L3, KX 125L4, KX 125M1, KX 125M2, KX 125M3, KX 125M4, KX 125M5, KX 125M6, KX 250B1, KX 250C1, KX 250C2, KX 250C3, KX 250C4, KX 250F, KX 250H1, KX 250H2, KX 250J1, KX 250J2, KX 250K1, KX 250K2, KX 250K3, KX 250K4, KX 250K5, KX 250L1, KX 250L2, KX 250L3, KX 250L4, KX 250M1, KX 250M2, KX 250R1, KX 250T6F, KX 250T7F, KX 250T8F, KX 250W9F, KX 250XAFB, KX 250YBF, KX 450F, KX 450R
    • KTM: Duke 200, Duke 390, DX-C 125, EG-S 125, EG-S 250, EX-C 125Enduro, EX-C 200Enduro, EX-C 250Enduro, EX-C 300Enduro, EX-C 360Enduro, EX-C 380Enduro, EX-C 400Enduro, EX-C 450Enduro, EX-C 500Enduro, EX-C 520Racing, EX-C 525Racing, EX-C 530Enduro, EX-CE 300Enduro, EX-CF 250Enduro, EX-CF 300, EX-CF 350, EX-CF 350Enduro, EX-CF 450Enduro, EX-CF 5006 Days, EX-CR 530 / Six Days, Freeride 250F/R, Freeride 350F, LC-4E 400, MX-C 200, MX-C 250, MX-C 300, MX-C 450, MX-C 525, MX-C 525RFS, RC 200, SC 400, SM-R 450, SM-R 560Supermoto, SM-S 450, SX 125, SX 150, SX 200, SX 250, SX 360, SX 380, SX 400, SX 440, SX 450, SX 520Racing, SX 525, SX 525RFS, SX-F 250, SX-F 250Factory Edition, SX-F 350, SX-F 450, SX-F 505, XC 150, XC 200, XC 250, XC-F 250, XC-F 350, XC-F 450, XC-FW 250, XC-FW 3506 Days, XC-W 200, XC-W 250, XC-W 250TPI, XC-W 300, XC-W 3006 Days, XC-W 450, XC-W 500, XC-W 530
    • Montesa: Cota 123, Cota 242, Cota 304, Cota 309, Cota 335, Cota 349, MKS 50, Trial 330
    • Sherco: 290 250, 290 250Racing, 290 250Six Days, 320 250, 320 250Six Days, SE 250Enduro, SE 300Enduro 2T, SE 450Enduro 4.5 2T, SE 510Enduro 2T, SE-i 250Enduro 2T, SE-i 300Enduro 2T, SE-i 450Enduro 4.5 2T, SEF 250Enduro, SEF 300Enduro 4T, SEF 450Enduro 4.5 4T, SEF 500Racing, SEF 510Enduro 4T, ST 250Trial 2.5, ST 290Trial 2.9, ST 300Trial, ST 320Trial 3.2, SX 250i-F, Trial 305, X-Ride 125, X-Ride 290
    • Suzuki: RM 125C, RM 125D, RM 125E, RM 125F, RM 125G, RM 125H, RM 125J, RM 125K, RM 125K1, RM 125K2, RM 125K3, RM 125K4, RM 125K5, RM 125K6, RM 125K7, RM 125K8, RM 125K9, RM 125L, RM 125L0, RM 125L1, RM 125L2, RM 125M, RM 125N, RM 125P, RM 125R, RM 125S, RM 125T, RM 125V, RM 125W, RM 125X, RM 125Y, RM 250K1, RM 250K2, RM 250K3, RM 250K4, RM 250K5, RM 250K6, RM 250K7, RM 250K8, RM 250K9, RM 250L0, RM 250L1, RM 250V, RM 250W, RM 250X, RM 250Y, RM-X 250K, RM-X 250L, RM-X 250M, RM-X 250N, RM-X 250P, RM-X 250R, RM-X 250S, RM-X 250ST, RM-X 250SV, RM-X 250SW, RM-X 250SX, RM-X 450ZL0, RM-X 450ZL1, RM-X 450ZL2, RM-X 450ZL3, RM-X 450ZL4, RM-X 450ZL5, RM-X 450ZL6, RM-X 450ZL7, RM-X 450ZL8, RM-X 450ZL9, RM-Z 250K7, RM-Z 250K8, RM-Z 250K9, RM-Z 250L0, RM-Z 250L1, RM-Z 250L2, RM-Z 250L3, RM-Z 250L4, RM-Z 250L5, RM-Z 250L6, RM-Z 250L7, RM-Z 250L8, RM-Z 250L9, RM-Z 250M0, RM-Z 450K5, RM-Z 450K6, RM-Z 450K7, RM-Z 450K8, RM-Z 450K9, RM-Z 450L0, RM-Z 450L1, RM-Z 450L2, RM-Z 450L3, RM-Z 450L4, RM-Z 450L5, RM-Z 450L6, RM-Z 450L7, RM-Z 450L8, RM-Z 450L9, RM-Z 450M0
    • TM Racing: MC 125, MX 125, MX 144-150, MX 250F, MX 300, MX 450F, MX 530F, SMR 530F, SMX 250, SMX 450F, SMX 450Fi, SMX 530F, SMX 660F, SMX 660S
    • Yamaha: TT 600B, TT 600D, TT 600E, TT 600F, TT 600G, TT 600H, TT 600J, TT 600K, TT 600L, TT 600R, TT 600RE, TT 600T, TT 600V, TT 600W, TT-R 110E, TT-R 125big wheel, TT-R 125E, TT-R 125EX, TT-R 125EY, TT-R 125LEY, TT-R 125LWE, TT-R 125LWX/LWEX, TT-R 230Enduro, WR 200D, WR 200E, WR 200F, WR 250FM, WR 250FN, WR 250FP, WR 250FR, WR 250FS, WR 250FT, WR 250FV, WR 250FW, WR 250RA, WR 250RB, WR 250RD, WR 250RE, WR 250RF, WR 250RG, WR 250RH, WR 250RJ, WR 250RY, WR 250RZ, WR 250XA, WR 250XD, WR 250XE, WR 250XF, WR 250XG, WR 250XH, WR 250XJ, WR 250XK, WR 250XY, WR 400FK, WR 400FL, WR 400FM, WR 400FN, WR 400FP, WR 426FM, WR 426FN, WR 426FP, WR 450FA, WR 450FB, WR 450FD, WR 450FE, WR 450FF, WR 450FG, WR 450FH, WR 450FJ, WR 450FK, WR 450FR, WR 450FS, WR 450FT, WR 450FV, WR 450FW, WR 450FX, WR 450FY, WR 450FZ, YZ 125A2, YZ 125B2, YZ 125D2, YZ 125E2, YZ 125F2, YZ 125G2, YZ 125H2, YZ 125J2, YZ 125K2, YZ 125L1, YZ 125M1, YZ 125N1, YZ 125P1, YZ 125R1, YZ 125S1, YZ 125T1, YZ 125V1, YZ 125W1, YZ 125X1, YZ 125Y1, YZ 125Z1, YZ 250A, YZ 250B, YZ 250D, YZ 250D2, YZ 250E, YZ 250E2, YZ 250F, YZ 250F2, YZ 250FA, YZ 250FB, YZ 250FC, YZ 250FD EFI, YZ 250FE EFI, YZ 250FG, YZ 250FH, YZ 250FJ, YZ 250FK, YZ 250G, YZ 250G2, YZ 250H, YZ 250H2, YZ 250J, YZ 250J2, YZ 250K, YZ 250K2, YZ 250L, YZ 250M, YZ 250N, YZ 250P, YZ 250R, YZ 250S, YZ 250T, YZ 250U, YZ 250V, YZ 250W, YZ 250X, YZ 250Y, YZ 250Z, YZ 360A, YZ 400D, YZ 400E, YZ 400F, YZ 400FK, YZ 400FL, YZ 400FN, YZ 400FP, YZ 400FR, YZ 426FM, YZ 426FN, YZ 426FP, YZ 450FA, YZ 450FB, YZ 450FD, YZ 450FE, YZ 450FF, YZ 450FG, YZ 450FH, YZ 450FJ, YZ 450FK, YZ 450FR, YZ 450FS, YZ 450FT, YZ 450FV, YZ 450FW, YZ 450FX, YZ 450FY, YZ 450FZ, YZ 465D, YZ 465E, YZ 465F, YZ 465G, YZ 465H, YZ 490S, YZ 490T, YZ 490U, YZ 490W, YZ 490X

    Additional information

    Weight 1000 kg










    Tensile Lb


    Tensile N



    MX Race


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