Jaso Oil Filter JF112 – HF112

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JASO oil filters are manufactured from the highest quality materials to achieve ultimate filtration and protection for the recommended fitment

All types use multi-layer high performance filter paper to give maximum filtration and maintain optimum pressure and oil flow rates.

  • All canister filters have a steel outer case for robustness and protection from flying debris
  • Racing type filters have a 17mm hex nut fixing (in addition to the normal ridged fittings) to help ensure quick and easy filter changes. They have been especially developed to meet the rigourous demands of racing applications.
  • Race type filters are pre-drilled on this hex fitment to allow safety wiring (required for use on race tracks) to be easily secured. They are also very well suited for road applications
  • Unlike other manufacturers – JASO filters do not charge extra for these benefits
  • Motorex oil is recommended, but all brands can be used

Barcode: 5056343098001

For full fitment details in a searchable list please check the FITMENTS tab.

  • Gas Gas: EC 450F, EC 450FSR, EC 450Replica Cervantes, EC 515FSR, Halley 450EH, HP 450Wild Quad, HP 515Wild Quad, Pampera 450, SM 450Supermoto, SM 515Supermoto
  • Honda: ATC 250R, CB 300FA, CBF 250Single, CBR 250R, CBR 250RA, CBR 250RB, CBR 250RC, CBR 250RD, CBR 250RE, CBR 250RF, CBR 300RAF, CBR 300RAG, CBR 300RAH, CBR 300RAJ, CBR 300RAK, CBR 300RAL, CBR 300RF, CBR 300RG, CBR 300RH, CBR 300RJ, CBR 300RK, CBR 300RL, CBX 250RSE, CBX 250Twister, CRF 250M, CRF 250RK, CRF 250RL/A, CRF 250RX, CRF 250RY, FMX 650, FX 650X, FX 650Y, FX 650Y1, GB 500TT, NX 250K, NX 250L, NX 250M, NX 250N, NX 250P, NX 250R, NX 650J, NX 650K, NX 650L, NX 650M, NX 650N, NX 650P, NX 650R, NX 650R1, NX 650R2, NX 650R3, NX 650R4, NX 650SC, NX 650T, NX 650V, NX 650W, NX 650X, NX 650Y, RTL 250SG, SLR 650T, SLR 650V, SLR 650W, SLR 650X, SLR 650Y, TLR 250F, TLR 250G, TLR 250H, TRX 200D, TRX 200DM, TRX 200DN, TRX 200L, TRX 200M, TRX 250A, TRX 250AC, TRX 250EX1, TRX 250EX2, TRX 250EX3, TRX 250EX4, TRX 250EX5, TRX 250EX6, TRX 250EX7, TRX 250EX8, TRX 250Fourtrax Recon, TRX 250Fourtrax/Recon, TRX 250RA, TRX 250TE/TM, TRX 250TE2/TM2, TRX 250X, TRX 250X9, TRX 250XA, TRX 300A, TRX 300AC, TRX 300AN, TRX 300EX, TRX 300EX1, TRX 300EX2, TRX 300EX3, TRX 300EX4, TRX 300EX5, TRX 300EX6, TRX 300EX7, TRX 300EX8, TRX 300EX9, TRX 300EXP, TRX 300EXR, TRX 300EXS, TRX 300EXT, TRX 300EXV, TRX 300EXW, TRX 300EXX, TRX 300EXY, TRX 300FW, TRX 300XA, TRX 350A, TRX 350DA, TRX 350FE, TRX 350FM, TRX 350G5, TRX 350H, TRX 350J, TRX 350K, TRX 350L, TRX 350M, TRX 350N, TRX 400EX1, TRX 400EX2, TRX 400EX3, TRX 400EX4, TRX 400EX5, TRX 400EX6, TRX 400EX7, TRX 400EX8, TRX 400EX9, TRX 400EXX, TRX 400EXY, TRX 400FW, TRX 4204×4 , TRX 420AT FPA, TRX 420EPS FM, TRX 420EPS FPM, TRX 420ES , TRX 420ES FE, TRX 420ES FPE, TRX 420ES TE, TRX 420FA , TRX 420FA AT, TRX 420FM, TRX 420FPE, TRX 420FPM, TRX 500FE FM FPM, TRX 700XX8, TRX 700XX9, VF 400F, VFR 400R, VT 125C, XBR 500F, XBR 500G, XBR 500H, XBR 500SH, XBR 500SJ, XBR 500SK, XBR 500SL, XL 125V, XL 250RC, XL 250RD, XL 250RE, XL 250RF, XL 250RG, XL 250RH, XL 250RK, XL 250RL, XL 350R, XL 600L, XL 600R, XL-X 350R, XR 250L, XR 250R, XR 250RB, XR 250RC, XR 250RD, XR 250RE, XR 250RF, XR 250RG, XR 250RH, XR 250RJ, XR 250RK, XR 250RL, XR 250RM, XR 250RN, XR 250RP, XR 250RR, XR 250RS, XR 250RT, XR 250RV, XR 250RW, XR 250RX, XR 250RY, XR 350R, XR 350RD, XR 350RE, XR 350RF, XR 400R, XR 500R, XR 600R1, XR 600R2, XR 600R3, XR 600R4, XR 600RF, XR 600RG, XR 600RH, XR 600RJ, XR 600RK, XR 600RL, XR 600RM, XR 600RN, XR 600RP, XR 600RR, XR 600RS, XR 600RT, XR 600RV, XR 600RW, XR 600RX, XR 600RY, XR 650L, XR 650R1, XR 650R2, XR 650R3, XR 650R4, XR 650R5, XR 650R6, XR 650R7, XR 650R8, XR 650R9, XR 650RY, XR 650SM Supermotard
  • Kawasaki: BN 125A, KFX 450R, KLF 110, KLX 110A1, KLX 110A2, KLX 110A3, KLX 110A4, KLX 110A6, KLX 110A7, KLX 110A8, KLX 110A9, KLX 110CAF, KLX 110CHF, KLX 110CJF, KLX 110CKF, KLX 110DAF, KLX 110DBF, KLX 110DCF, KLX 110DDF, KLX 110DEF, KLX 110DGF, KLX 125D-Tracker, KLX 250DAF, KLX 250DBF, KLX 250DCF, KLX 250DDF, KLX 250F, KLX 250F1, KLX 250F2, KLX 250F3, KLX 250F4, KLX 250H4, KLX 250H5, KLX 250H6, KLX 250H7, KLX 250J1, KLX 250J2, KLX 250J3, KLX 250J4, KLX 250J5, KLX 250J6, KLX 250S/T8F, KLX 250S/T9F, KLX 250S/TAF, KLX 250S/TBF, KLX 250S/TCF, KLX 250S/TDF, KLX 250S/TEF, KLX 250S/TFF, KLX 250S/TGF, KLX 250S/THF, KLX 250S/TJF, KLX 250S/TKF, KLX 300R, KLX 450R, KSR 110, KX 450F, KX 450R, KX 450V, Ninja 125BX125, Z 125BR
  • Mash: Adventure 400, Adventure 400R, Cafe Racer 400, Cafe Racer 400TT40, Family Side 400, FiveHundred 400Roadstar, Scrambler 400, Von Dutch 400
  • Polaris: Outlaw 500, Predator 500TLD
  • Suzuki: DR-Z 110K3, DR-Z 110K4, DR-Z 110K5

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